NEW! Spring Pick-Up Games


New to a sport? Has it been a while since you've played a sport and you're a little rusty? Or maybe you just can't get enough of your favorite sport and want some extra playing time. Well, we have some amazing news for you! We're introducing a series of pick-up games to get you in the game this Spring! Pick-up games are the perfect opportunity to try out a new sport before committing to a league.


All pick-up games are free of charge, but we ask that you RSVP so we can make sure we have plenty of equipment. Games are open to players of all skill levels (especially if you've never played before!) so check out our upcoming pick-up games below:




Co-Ed Soccer @ Hammond Park (Sandy Springs) | Dates: March 29

Co-Ed Soccer @ Grant Park (In-town) | Dates: April 2, April 9

Co-Ed Soccer @ Chuck Camp Park (Smyrna) | Dates: April 10, April 17


Spring 2017 - *Pick-Up* Soccer (Co-Ed) - Sandy Springs - Wednesday

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  • Sport: Soccer
  • Locations: Hammond Park
  • Days of the week: Wednesday
  • Started on : Started on 3/8

Spring 2017 - *Pick-Up* Soccer (Co-Ed) - Grant Park TURF FIELD - Thursday

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Spring 2017 - *Pick-Up* Soccer (Co-Ed) - Smyrna - Monday

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  • Sport: Soccer
  • Locations: Chuck Camp Park
  • Days of the week: Monday
  • Started on : Started on 4/10

Grass Volleyball


Co-Ed Grass Volleyball @ Sandy Springs Middle School | Dates: March 27, March 30, April 3, April 6, April 10, April 13


Spring 2017 - *Pick Up* Volleyball (Co-Ed) - Multiple Divisions - Sandy Springs - Multiple Days

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