Top Questions

1.)When are game schedules released?

  • Typically the first week of game schedules are released two (2) days before the first gameday

  • The remainder of the schedule will be posted at least three (3) days before week 2 


2.)What if I don’t have a full team?

  • You can register as an individual and you WILL be placed on a team with other individuals.


3.)What if I want to sign up with a friend or coworker or a small group of friends/coworkers?

  • You can sign up with friends as well! You guys can sign up as a team if you think you will have a full roster of teammates or sign up as individuals.

    • When signing up as an individual, there’s an option to be groups with other people: just enter their name and email address on the “Signing up with Friends” box


4.)How can I sign up? Where can I sign up?


5.)What if I do not have enough Girls in Co-Ed teams?

  • We try to make sure individual teams are filled with at least the minimum number of girls for Co-Ed teams. If for some reason, they do not show or opt out of the season, please let us know and we will work to help you find a replacement!

  • If you still need females after the first week, let us know right away and we will get in touch with our network to try to get the ladies added into your team! Once the league starts, it will be your responsibility to let us know right away!


6.)What are your leagues like?

  • 7 games season with top 4 teams in the playoffs

  • Leagues are anywhere from 5-10 teams depending on the sport

  • Price is $55-$90 depending on sport and how early you sign up

  • Officials as well as league manager on-site


7.)What are the Rules?

  •  Check them out here!