About Us!

Atlanta Sport and Social Club is Atlanta’s premier provider of adult recreational sports leagues, fun-filled social events, and adult sports tournaments. Founded in 2012, we have quickly become the largest sport and social club in the area. In just 8 years, we’ve gained over 25,000 annual participants and operate 70+ leagues every season.
We play year-round, with traditional sports like soccer and softball, as well as fun social sports like kickball and cornhole! Our signature events include Atlanta Field Day, Atlanta Grilled Cheese Festival, and Oktoberfest Atlanta among many others. We host a myriad of tournaments through out the year including our Strikeout Hunger softball tournament, and the fall flag football tournament supporting Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America.
Whether on the field or on the dance floor, our goal is always to have fun and Play in the ATL!
Meet Our Team!
Christy Gallup,Event Manager
Christy wants to live in a world where cheeseburgers have zero calories, being an Alabama fan was cool and she could be in the sun all the time without getting a wicked burn.
Born & raised in Marietta, she is an avid music fan who loves attending festivals. Once she finished college, she started looking into the production side of festivals & events. And the rest, as they say, is history. While most people lose steam throughout the day, her positivity and energy increase the longer she is on site at an event! You should have seen her bouncing off the concrete during loadout at Grilled Cheese Festival 2019. Her goal is to continue to keep bringing bigger and better events to Atlanta.
When she isn’t at festivals or events, you can find her watching any of the 100 Fast and the Furious movies, listening to the Armchair Expert or chowing down on Captain Crunch. She wishes she could meet Paul Newman & says the best concert (of the insane amount she has been to, she likes to concert hop on weekends) was Prince at the Fox.Her personal motto: What's the point of language if you don't say what you feel?
If you see Christy running around at our next event, get her some Gatorade - preferably Cascade Crash, Riptide Rush & Icy Charge.
IG handle: @christylee_g











Jess Weaver, Operations & Customer Experience Manager, Sports Leagues

Jess wants to live in a world where she could time travel, licorice was banned and Cleveland sports are on consistent championship runs.
A transplant moving from Cleveland, Ohio, she has worked in the fitness industry for years. She was moving to ATL and a friend (good lookin’ out) sent her the job posting for ASSC. She couldn't believe what a great combination of sports and fitness it was, with the added bonus of immersing into the Atlanta community quickly! Getting to spend her days creating experiences and opportunities for the community through events & sports, seriously what could have been more perfect? She’s excited to be a part of this team and hopes to help grow the Social Sports industry until it is a common language in every city.
A workout-aholic (seriously she is a beast, check her out at Rukus Cycling), when she is actually relaxing, you can find her binging documentaries of all kinds (she has watched Fyre more times than she wants to admit), hitting up different breweries or eating some Swedish meatballs while browsing/testing out Ikea furniture. The quote she lives by: “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”
If you see Jess out at leagues, ask her about The flag football team named after her.
IG handle: @jessjweaver & @cycleprojessw











Kevin Cregan, Founder & President 


Kevin wants to live in a world where you were born knowing how to fly a plane, red wine was as good for you as water and people stopped saying he looked like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jason Bateman or the guy from the League also named Kevin. 


Born & raised in Long Island, he is a self-proclaimed “Serial Entrepreneur” but nothing stuck until ASSC. The passion he found through creating this company, building the culture and providing for the community is something he can’t fully describe. He is always striving for new ways to connect ASSC with the different parts of Atlanta. He empowers people to run with new ideas and his overall positive energy makes for an energetic, exciting work environment. His hope is to continue to be able to get people off their couch or phones, get them outside, and interacting face to face! 


A big fan of NFL & MLS, it’s no surprise you can find him at most ATLUTD or Falcons games (especially if that includes  traveling). A big music lover as well, his favorite concerts have been Dave Matthews Band at Red Rocks, U2 at Joshua Tree, Pink Floyd at Giants Stadium and Zac Brown at Tabernacle. Most of his downtime is spent playing with his two kids. If not, he is watching Cheaters, Cops or Top Gear. Be warned, don’t let him into Best Buy without a budget...it could end badly for your bank account. His personal motto: make it happen (which also happens to be one of the company's core values). 


If you see Kevin...well anywhere, buy him a slice of pizza, especially if it’s NY style.


IG handle: @kevin_cregan












Korey Meek, Director, Marketing & Sponsorships

Korey wants to live in a world where getting from point a to point b takes no time at all, water fountains dispense craft beer, and everything delicious had zero calories.
Born & raised in metro Atlanta, he’s one of the few native ATLiens on the team - he also happens to be the longest standing employee with ASSC. When the company first started, he persistently inquired (aka harassed) Kevin to give him an internship. At the time, Korey was at Georgia State (the real GSU), where he founded the Club Ultimate team; working for ASSC seemed like the perfect opportunity to keep doing what he loved and get paid for it at the same time. After graduation, he came on full time as our first marketing and promotions coordinator. In his time here, Korey has worn basically every hat at ASSC over the years - witnessing the amazing opportunities and massive growth in the Social Sports & Events industry first hand. His favorite part of working here is that he gets to create things people are excited about and want to do with their free time. Seeing people’s faces when they are having an awesome time is worth all the hours he puts in. His biggest hope is that our industry becomes recognized by outside organizations as a legitimate player in the world of sports and entertainment.
A closet fan of T. Swift, Korey nerds out on design & marketing tips and tricks. He loves keeping up with the latest innovations and how we can apply them (and we can vouch for that with all the late night slacking of ideas). Bucket list travel destinations include: Thailand, Munich (during Oktoberfest of course), and the Patagonia Mountains - but his dream vacation is a remote island with great food, drinks, and company - plus plenty of shaded areas and sunscreen (SPF 100 all day). His personal mantra: “Just keep swimming” - Dory from Finding Nemo.
If you see Korey out at events, he probably has an ASSC koozie for you… Make sure to ask him about the trouble he would get into with fireworks as a kid.
IG handle: @k_meek15











Tyler Ott, Operations & Customer Experience Manager, Sports Leagues


Tyler wants to live in a world where vegetables were considered bad for you, Coke was part of a nutritious diet and it was a felony to drive under the speed limit.
Born & raised in Tampa, he moved to ATL after college for a sales job. He played soccer in college and missed it so he started playing with ASSC in 2015. When he saw an opportunity to join the staff, he was quick to jump on it! Now he gets to spend his days talking about and providing the opportunity for others to play his favorite sports. He loves that he gets to combine his passion with his work, while helping facilitate bringing people together. His goals are to make people more aware of the fun that we provide and to watch it grow from there.
A major video game & comic book nerd, it’s no surprise that when he is at home he can be found on his Xbox (or watching Sweet Home Alabama, shhhh you didn’t hear it from us). His extra $$ goes towards sporting events, comic book conventions & Dunkin. If he could, he would eat Lucky charms for breakfast and Outback Steakhouse for dinner every day. He would love to meet Messi and he could probably give Kevin a run for his money if they went to Best Buy together. His favorite quote: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do" - Pele
If you see Tyler out at leagues, greet him with a woogie...and if you don’t know what that is then you didn’t live your best early 2000s life.
IG handle: @tott_ucf




Derrick Palms, Event Manager, Corporate
Derrick wants to live in a world where he could teleport to work (hello Atlanta traffic), no one ever served eggplant, and his house was an overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora.
Born in Kalamazoo, MI but grew up in Cumming, GA, He started his career at his Alma Mater Kennesaw State University as event staff. Fast forward a few years and Derrick began his ASSC journey as a photographer for events (he is really good!). That translated into a full time gig as the Corporate Events Manager, by getting to use the skills he learned at KSU and early in his career, along with getting to join the environment he craved at ASSC. He is excited that the sole focus of his job is fun. He gets to bring that fun to businesses and the local Atlanta community.
When he isn’t planning events or taking awesome photos, he is enjoying his wife’s cooking, playing with his dogs, and probably watching a broadway musical! He also may be planning his roadtrip across the US, or maybe a trip to South Africa! Just like Kevin and Tyler you can catch him surfing the Best Buy website in his spare time. His personal mantra: Make a Difference. I
If you see Derrick at an event say what’s up Big D, and ask him about his favorite slice of pizza!
IG handle: derrick_palms


Kassidy Callahan Marketing Manager, Sports Leagues
Kassidy wants to live in a world where ducks don’t exist, Korean BBQ is always on the menu, and she could spend her days visiting every MLB stadium.
Born in Illinois, but raised in Marietta, she has worked in Marketing since graduating college at Kennesaw State University. She has a passion for sports, and saw that an opportunity had opened up at her favorite place to play co-ed softball. She knew she had to jump in, and after a chance meeting with Kevin at the Atlanta United Block Party, she knew it was the next step in her career. Getting to spend her days coming up with all things sports related, and getting to show her passion for marketing sounded perfect! She is excited to get to live the brand, and show people why she kept coming back league after league.
When she isn’t playing softball through ASSC, you can find her watching Atlanta United Games, cheering for all things Chicago sports (except the Sox), or napping with her dog Rizzo. She wishes she could have seen the Cubs win the world series in person, but her next big adventure is to finally go somewhere outside of the US like Ireland. Her quote to live by is: Be you, bravely. She even has it tattooed on her arm.
If you see Kassidy out at leagues, bring her a Kit Kat and she will be your best friend.
IG handle: kasicall1017