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Players of the Game

Mar 14 - Apr 20

Len W


Junior C

Grass Stains (ASSC)

Goal and assist while playing goalie

Avery B

Weasel FC

Goal and assist

Ryan H

Just Dingers

Great pitching. Great defense

Lukas F

Flint Tropics

Great hitting and Great defense

Brett S

Pitch Please

Two homeruns

Anthony C


Great defense and great hittng

Tyler B

Baby Got Bat

Great pitching. Closed out the game.

Players of the Week

Mar 14 - Apr 20

Kristin Oswald

Kichelob Ultra

Kristin gave a lot of energy. She got on base 3 times

Olivia King

Kichelob Ultra

Olivia was a beast on the field today

Alykhan Kaba

Kichelob Ultra

Alykhan always has great energy. He’s always positive and he’s a joy to be around

Matt Johnson

Kichelob Ultra

Matt is a home run kicker. Everyone backs up when he comes to the plate

Lily Durning

High Rollers

Lily was the player of the game. She made a lot of clutch plays in the field

Myla Kelly


Nyla’s infectious energy was felt all over piedmont. She was cheering for her teammates and encouraging them even when they struggledq a

Ankit Patel


Ankit, literally, put his body on the line to try to get the win for his team. They came up short. But his fighting spirit will last the entire season.

Caroline Dreesman

Day Dinkers


Madie Dreesman

Day Dinkers


Ricky Dira

Ace Holes (ASSC)