Thursday, 7/18: As of 4:05pm the following leagues have been cancelled due to rain:

Piedmont Softball, Frankie Allen Softball, Peachtree Hills Kickball and ITA Pickleball


Rainouts/game cancellations are a HUGE bummer and we definitely want to play just as much as you do! Rescheduling, acquiring new permits, and blowing up your inbox is NOT our idea of fun!

We hate canceling games on you guys but WEATHER HAPPENS. It is unpredictable and sometimes, unavoidable. If anyone has any connections to Mother Nature, HIT US UP, cause we wanna get on her good side!


Here’s the scoop (If you only read one thing on this page, this should be it):

  • We'll make every effort to proceed with games; however, it is our responsibility (to our players and the different parks departments) to err on the side of safety and park preservation.
  • As soon as our team makes the decision to cancel, WE WILL UPDATE THE HOMEPAGE (in red letters!) & SEND OUT A PUSH NOTIFICATION TO YOUR PHONE AND EMAIL
  • We do our best to give you advanced notice but sometimes we have to make a "game-time decision" either right before or at start time. 
  • The Piedmont Park Conservancy updates the status and availability of the fields and courts each day. You can visit the following URL to check field and court status here
  • *Please note: the Piedmont Park Conservancy will update the status each morning and may update again in the afternoon - depending on the weather*
  • Any other locations, you will hear from us, WE PROMISE! 


Top TWO questions we get:

  1. But what about rescheduling games?
  2. Will we still get all the games in we were promised?


The short answer: YES

Read on here to learn more about the rainout & rescheduling policy. We promise it will answer ALL of your burning questions. But if by some slim chance we didn’t, you know how to reach us! Also, sign up for our email list if you wanna hear about all of the new things we got cooking up!