Skill Levels

We offer 3 Skill Levels for our Players:

“A” Level is our Competitive Leagues where the participants have a long standing history in the sport and know their way around the field and may even have prior experience in other competitive leagues. A Level leagues are not offered in every sport, and may not be offered every season based on the number of teams registering.


Our “B” Level is our Intermediate Leagues where our players have played the sport before, know the sport, but maybe do not possess the physical or technical skill set that would raise their game up to “A” Level.


And our “C” Level is our Social Leagues where a lot of our players are new to the game, the city, or the environment. “C” Level is Ideal for less skilled players, those who may be rusty, older players who don’t want to leave their sport just yet, or completely new players to the game.


Effective Summer 2015: Any teams who have played in more than two championship games will automatically be moved to the next level of competition for the following season.