How to Join a Summer Soccer League

How to Join a Summer Soccer League

The time is now to join a summer soccer league, and we’ve got everything you need to do to get in the game! 


With the growing popularity and miraculous championship win of Atlanta United, soccer is at its peak in Atlanta. And that’s not just for viewers. We’ve seen the demand for soccer leagues growing like crazy over the last year. Drive by any field and you’ll probably see at least one group of people kicking the ball around, if not playing a pickup or league game. Soccer is everywhere in Atlanta, and we welcome it with open arms. 


Whether you want to hop on the bandwagon or you’ve been playing soccer all your life, it’s time to join. Summer leagues are open so sign up! Here’s everything you need to know about joining. 


Get active. Each game is comprised of two 25-minute halves, with a 5-minute halftime. Most teams have enough subs that allow each person to take a few breaks throughout the game, but no matter what, you’ll get in a good workout. 


Meet new people. Join as a team and meet a new team each week, or join as an individual or small group and meet new people on your own team. 


Get the best of the best. Don’t worry, you’ll only play on top-of-the-line turf and grass fields in and around Atlanta.


Stay local. Choose the right location for you, from Sandy Springs to East Atlanta to Old 4th Ward.


Play at your level. Choose co-ed or men’s, and rec, intermediate, or competitive leagues so you’re only playing at the skill level where you belong. If this is your first season, we won’t make you play with people who could rival Miggy or Martinez. And if you are as good as one of them, then we’ll match you up with others just as good. 


Don’t worry about a thing. All you have to do is sign up and show up. We’ll provide the refs and equipment, and we’ll take care of the schedules and standings each week. 


Socialize. You will meet new people. You will (probably) make new friends. Oh, and you will get some discounts to use at different sponsored bars around Atlanta after your game to celebrate (or try to forget your loss)! What could be better? 


When you’re ready to sign up, grab your team or a few friends to sign up, or sign up as an indy and get ready to meet some fun new people. Get started here