Everything You Need to Know About Bocce Ball Leagues in Atlanta

Everything You Need to Know About Bocce Ball Leagues in Atlanta

Let’s talk about bocce ball leagues in Atlanta. First of all, yes, we have leagues for that. We know that some people aren’t huge fans of the typical team sports like soccer and flag football, but we still wanted to give them a fun, unique way to get out, meet people, and let their competitive side shine a bit. Also, who doesn’t love tossing heavy objects at other heavy objects?!

The rules

Even if you’ve never played bocce ball before, you can still join one of our bocce leagues. The rules are easy to pick up on and you might even get a dose of beginner’s luck. 


Teams consist of four people (you can have up to six on your team in case you need some subs). One team will toss the pallino (the little white bocce ball) at the beginning of the round. The two teams then take turns tossing their bocce balls, aiming to get as close as possible to the pallino. Teams will get one point for each ball that lands closer to the pallino than the other team. The first team to 12 wins. Boom, that’s it!

What you get

  • A team! If you join as an individual, we guarantee we’ll place you on a team. However, you also have the option to join with your own team of six. 
  • Seven regular season games, followed by playoff games for qualifying teams.
  • We’ll provide all the equipment so you just have to show up with a good attitude and some team spirit. 
  • We’ll also provide a league manager to officiate your games and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Enjoy post-game food and drink specials after every game exclusive to our players. 


How to get started

  • Just start here to find a league that works best for you. 
  • Click to sign up as a team or an individual. 
  • Follow the prompts and be prepared to pay your registration fee. 


We’re excited to welcome bocce ball leagues back to Atlanta Sport and Social Club. Get ready to have a BALL! (Sorry, you know we had to go there.)