Recreational Sports Leagues to Competitive Sports Leagues: What’s Right for Me?

Recreational Sports Leagues to Competitive Sports Leagues: What’s Right for Me?

What’s your priority? Why did you join (or why are you considering joining) an ASSC league? Is it to meet new people in Atlanta and have a fun new friend group? To find something else to do with your weeknights besides binging Game of Thrones? (Guilty.) Or is it to compete and try to demolish everyone on the field? Your priority will help determine which leagues are right for you. 


Hey, we get it. We’re all here for different reasons. Some of you are really great at a sport. Some of you are even great at any sport you try (#jealous). But still, some of you are just looking for a way to get off the couch, stop binging Netflix or swiping right, and meet some people (no shame).


That’s why we have three different leagues for you to choose from:


“A” Competitive leagues
“B” Intermediate leagues
“C” Recreational leagues


And if you don’t know which one to join, here’s a little quiz. Check all that apply to you, and if a majority of any of these things apply to you in a list, then that’s where you belong!

You want “A” Competitive level if:

  • Top priority = competition  
  • Winning isn’t everything, but… well, okay, maybe it is everything
  • I’ve won an intermediate championship before 
  • Why wouldn’t we practice? We want to be the best, right? 
  • I’ve played competitively in high school, college, or beyond
  • I like to practice and play pickup games regularly for fun
  • I get frustrated if my team doesn’t win
  • My friends/teammates & family call me competitive - spoiler alert: I am competitive 
  • I’m pretty sure we could win the championship this season

You want “B” Intermediate level if:

  • Community & competition are both important to me
  • I want to meet new people & have fun, but winning is equally as important to me
  • I’ve played in a rec league recently and I want a little more competition
  • My rec team has won an ASSC championship 
  • I played in high school or college on intramural, rec  or travel teams
  • I’d appreciate some feedback and I’ll probably offer some feedback to team members so we can get better
  • I’d love to practice once a week with my team, but it’s okay if we can’t make it happen
  • I might be a little bummed out if we lose, but I am still looking forward to celebrating or commiserating after the game
  • I think my team has a chance of winning a championship this season

You want “C” Social/Recreational level if:

  • I’m trying to meet new people
  • I prioritize community over competition
  • I’m active, but I’m not that great at sports to be totally honest
  • I haven’t played a sport regularly in a few years and I’m a little rusty…
  • I’d be okay playing pickup games where we don’t keep count of wins and losses each week
  • Practice? Who practices for this? 
  • At the end of the day, the score doesn’t matter/winning doesn’t matter as long as we’re all having fun
  • The thing I’m looking forward to the most about joining a league is hanging out with my friends and celebrating (win or lose) after the game
  • I play in higher level leagues on other days of the week but looking for a more relaxed experience. 

Alright, what are your results? Hopefully, this helped you find where you belong in the ASSC world. But if you still have any questions or you’re still lost, reach out to us here. We know you’ll have the best time if you’re in the right league, so believe us when we say we want to help you find your place!